The ROAM team has been documenting Founding Member Cory Richards over the past few months as he prepared to tackle a new line on his way to summit Everest. ROAM team members Erich Roepke and Founding Member Keith Ladzinski have traveled with Cory and his climbing partner Esteban ‘Topo’ Mena. Along the way they are capturing the trip from Boulder to Lhasa and along the route to ABC (advanced base camp). As such, ROAM is providing you with the background of the adventure as well as near real time capture from the top of the world. This type of filmmaking is similar in many ways to the climb itself, as we must prepare for many obstacles and are constantly adjusting to the given footage and conditions so as to provide you, the ROAM community with, with the highest quality and most authentic story possible.
We hope enjoy!

Bomb cyclones, canceled flights, and difficult goodbyes are par for the course as the team makes their last-minute preparations. This episode follows Cory and Topo through the chaos of their final 48 hours before departure and explores what success and failure look like on the mountain.

“There are tiered levels of success. We don’t die and we don’t lose fingers and toes, success.”

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