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Three larger than life talents, David Lama, Hansjörg Auer, and Jess Roskelley, were struck by a large scale avalanche while attempting to climb M16 on Howse Peak on the Icefields Parkway in Alberta. They are presumed lost.

In the wild places, in the mountains and at sea, we find our true selves and forge our deepest relationships. We seek out adventure for a depth of experience that make us feel most alive.

Conrad Anker wrote today, “We accept the loss that strikes unaware in return for the bonds of friendship created by experiencing life in the majesty of nature.” It is hard to accept.

I did not know Hans or Jess personally. But ROAM has featured them, and their world-class efforts, and feel empathy with the families, friends and community.

Thanks to an introduction by Conrad, I had the privilege of working with David on a professional level and meeting him in person. While I did not know him well, his broad smile and sparkling eyes always struck me as special. Even before I understood how truly brilliant he was up high in the mountains, down here among the mere mortals, there was a brilliance in that smile and those eyes that was undeniable.

Today, the outpouring of love has been significant and powerful. And while it is natural and easy to focus on the tragedy of this dark day, the words and photos from our community remind us to celebrate the accomplishments, the passion, kindness, and the light that they shared with us in the time they were here.

We have tried our best to compile some of the greatest work from these brilliant athletes along with the outpouring of love and respect on the following page.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of David, Jess and Hans.

Christopher Jerard

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2 Memories:

  1. My heart goes out those who push the limit for the feeling we are all chasing, the families, and the entire community.

  2. Though I did not know them, now it feels as though I do to some degree because the outpouring of love has been overwhelming. So many people have mentioned the heart, the joy, the smiles, the friendship from these three amazing young men. To the families, friends, and the community I offer my sincere and heartfelt condolences. Grace and strength.

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