In Episode 4 of ‘The Line’, the team encounters bomb cyclones, canceled flights, and difficult goodbyes as the team makes their last-minute preparations. This episode follows Cory and Topo through the chaos of their final 48 hours before departure and explores what success and failure look like on the mountain. “There are tiered levels of success. We don’t die and we don’t lose fingers and toes, success.”

Ben Thouard, award winning photographer, let his journey take him all the way to Tahiti, where he quickly made Teahupo’o’s famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot. He spends endless hours under water watching the waves come to life, living fully in the moment, as he trains his eye on the Surface.

These guys manage to have incredible adventures on an incredibly tight budget. Follow along as they define a life of adventure with purpose.


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